About Us

Squeaky shoes stimulate and motivate the pre-walker and beginning walker. The audible feedback with every step will help your little one concentrate on his or her feet and motivate them to keep walking. They are also great for visually impaired children.

Comfort squeaky shoes that squeak

Comfort We strive to find you unique and stylish squeaky baby and toddler shoes and sandals…sure, but we also consider the important matter of comfort and overall appropriateness for young feet. Kid Squeakers shoes and sandals feature plenty of toe room, non-restricting ankles, flat, soft soles, and flexible uppers.

Squeaky shoes are FUN

FUN Your baby or toddler will be filled with excitement and joy as they learn to walk wearing Kid Squeakers squeaky shoes or sandals. Watch as they tap their feet and laugh with every step! Tons of fun for everyone–including parents and relatives! Actually, Fun is the most important reason to own a pair of Kid Squeakers squeaking shoes.

Safety squeaky shoes that squeak

Safety Always know where your little one is when they wear a pair of our squeaky shoes. This is great when you are in a public place where your child might be exploring. You’ll have some added comfort being able to HEAR where your child is.