How do squeaker shoes encourage my child to walk? top
A:Each time your little one takes a step they will be rewarded and motivated with a fun squeaking sound. This squeaking increases body awareness and entices your child to take their next step. Our squeaking shoes have flexible soles and synthetic bottoms that offer traction to provide sure footing.

Q: Are the inner soles of your shoes appropriate for young feet?
A: Yes. All of our shoes feature a flat, soft sole that is perfect for young feet. The squeaker in no way affects the contour of the inner sole. See our Foot Facts page for information on childrens feet and what many experts recommend for baby and toddler feet.

Q: Do you recommend squeaky shoes for pre-walkers?
A: Experts agree that barefoot is best as your child is taking their first steps. Once your child spends two or more hours on his/her feet, they are ready to wear shoes. Squeaker shoes can increase fun and create body awareness for pre-walkers who spend time in an exersaucer, bouncing swing ,or other exercise apparatus.

Q: How often should I size shoes for my child? top
A: According to the American Orthopaedic Foot and Ankle Society, you can look forward to growth of one-half a foot size every two months for toddlers under 16 months of age, every three months from 16 to 24 months old, and every four months to the age of three. Checking shoe size and fit every couple of weeks for children under two is recommended.

Q: How do I know what size shoe to buy?
A: Measure your baby’s feet from heel to toe while he or she is standing with toes flat. Then visit our sizing charts by clicking here. Each style has its own sizing chart so please read the sizing charts carefully.

Other tips: Feet will have their largest length and width after a day of activity, so measure in the afternoon. It is perfectly normal for one foot to be slightly larger. Just work with the greater length. The 1/2” recommended for wiggle room is already built into our sizing charts.

Q: Are different widths available?
A: At this time, only medium width is available. If your child has a wide foot then you should consider ordering one size up from his/her normal size. Please see our sizing chart for proper sizing.

Q: Is it possible to disable the squeaker? top
A: Yes. All you need to do is use a small pointy instrument such as a fork tine to bend the reed inside the squeaker located in the heal of the sole. If you are bothered by the squeaking noise of both shoes try disabling just one of the squeakers.

Q: Do you plan to offer more sizes in the future?
A: Yes. We will most definitely be adding more styles and sizes in the future so please check back often!

Security & Privacy
Q: Is the Kid Squeakers website secure? top
A: Yes. Kid Squeakers takes security very seriously. We use PayPal (an Ebay company and one of the most trusted names on the internet) as our payment gateway and the industry standard SSL to encrypt all sensitive data sent to our site including your credit card information. Plus we never store credit card data in our database.

Q: Will Kid Squeakers share or sell my personal information to a third party?
A: NO! We will NEVER share your personal information with any other party for any reason other than to authorize payment through our secure payment gateway—with NO exceptions.